The OPAGGA REPORT….Public Adjuster Representation Increases Payments to Citizens’ Policyholders

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At a glance……..
Our analysis of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation claims data found that cases took longer to reach a settlement but received higher payments when claimants used public adjusters for claims filed in 2008 and 2009.
The difference in payments was larger for claims related to 2005 hurricanes, with public adjuster claims resulting in payments that [...]

Three Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

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Three Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster
Not long ago, I was attending a deposition when the insurance company’s lawyer questioned my client about why he had hired a public adjuster.
The non-verbal reaction of my client spoke volumes. With wide eyes, he leaned closer to the attorney and explained that his world was [...]

Masood Khan Explains Specifically Why a Public Adjuster Adds Value to a Policyholder’s Claim

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United Policyholders recently published portions of Masood Khan’s interview with Amy Bach in its summer newsletter. Chip Merlin wrote about this interview in his post, “Greenspan Public Adjuster Interviewed About Unauthorized Public Adjusting”. Many of the readers posted comments in response to the information provided by Khan about non-public insurance adjusters adjusting losses [...]

The Lesser Legacy: Advocacy for Insureds and the Public Adjusting Profession

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The year was 1944. The average price of gas was 15 cents a gallon. The median home price was less than $4,000.00. George Lucas was born. Coppertone Suntan Creme was invented in an attempt to shield the soldiers fighting in the Second World War from harmful rays. This was also the [...]

Public Adjusters Make the News in Jacksonville and FAPIA Responds

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They get it wrong again.
This month, a letter to the editor by Guy Marvin was published in the Florida Times Union.
Marvin is the President of the Florida Insurance Council (“FIC”). The FIC is based out of Tallahassee, but Marvin has ties to Jacksonville from his former work as general counsel at Independent Life Insurance [...]

Engineers who work for the Insurance Companies, what do you think?

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Engineer Bruce Holmes Calls Out Fellow Engineers
The Windstorm Conference is in full swing. I was introduced to an engineer, Bruce Holmes. He told me that he was very upset with his colleagues and others in the insurance industry. He asked if I could refer others to his website where he has a proposal for change [...]

2010 Busy hurricane season forecasted

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If anyone is concerned about this upcoming  hurricane season and has any questions about how to get prepared or wants a review of their current policies let me know.